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New Zealand. SWY15/ SWY27 NL

Early Childhood Development Programme for vulnerable Burmese migrants on the Thai-Myanmar Border. My role is the initial set-up of the programme and ongoing teacher training.
President and Chief Executive of SWYAA-India.

SWYAA-India has made a significant impact on society through innovative programs like SWY PEACE TALKS for interfaith harmony, nonviolence and world peace in collaboration with 11 SWYAAs; inclusive education in SWYAA OPEN SCHOOLS jointly with 8 Alumni Associations; promoting Japanese Cultural through KONNICHIWA FESTIVAL, an evening of culture and cuisine of Shizuoka Prefecture, VOLUNTEERING by 16 Ex-PYs in Open Schools, and DISASTER RELIEF programs with 3 Alumni Associations.
Japan. SWY18

Given that JPY accounts for 50% of the passenger every year, the number of JPY's post program activity is large and various. We would like to introduce five distinctive examples among our projects.
Bahrain. SWY28

SWYAA Bahrain is so excited to join you in GA Moscow and share with you their recent activities in Bahrain's Japanese community, social contributions, individual achievements of Bahraini members, and how much fun it is to be in Bahrain - mingle, connect, and live the SWY spirit!
Australia. SWY28

This presentation will summarise several of SWY Australia's current post-program activities including upcoming programs that you can be involved in over the next 12 months. From hikes through the Papua New Guinean jungle to Ports of Calls to Australian shores, from Online Peace Seminars to Kiva Month, we have been very busy at SWY Australia this year.
Japan. SWY26

Imagine what happen if tons of expys get together. We did make it come true many times ,so if you wanna know the answer pls vote me.
Poland. SWY 30.

Presented below is the mobile application that helps develop public speaking and presentation skills in order to empower people to become leaders on local, regional and global level. We'd like to introduce this idea to the whole SWY Family.

8 First I'll talk about the activists were held by the Japanese embassy, which are
the emperor birthday and the host of the Japanese ambassador to the SWY 31
UAE delegation. Next I'll talk about the SWY 31 UAE preparation and the activities
done by the SWY AA UAE in the year 2018-2019.

We had some small scale activities throughout the year. The most significant one of our activities is the orphanage visit in Kenya.
Mexico. SWY25

Mainly I will speak about some Mexican issues and how the AA is helping in the society. Then I want to propose a project that I am creating and try to share it with everyone.
Egypt. SWY24

SWY Impact through Egypt's last two delegations in International Youth Exchange Programs under the Cabinet Office of Japan SWY29 of 2017 & INDEX Program of 2015, EASWY members
Sweden. SWY23

The presentation focus on the successful reunion SWYAA Sweden did in the
summer of 2018. 32 participants from 11 countries and 14 batches participated in
Camp SWY!
Oman. SWY27

Engaging with different delegations, and keeping the SWY spirit flow forever Come and join us revealing the True Love story., Profsoyuznaya Street, 90, Moscow, Russia 117485, INN 7728467883, PSRN 1197700005282, Public Offer