January 15, 2022
SWY-online has started!
Five Russian delegates take part in SWY-online after preparing for this event for over 2 months. Our delegation consists of Valeria Voronyanskaya, Maria Gladysheva, Anastasia Eganova, Mikhail Lebedev and Veronika Ryabinina who were chosen from more than 200 applicants.

The first impressions from the program are very warm - the delegates note that it is very interesting to get acquainted with people from new countries , to discuss relevant topics with enthusiastic youth, and to take part in activities thoughtfully prepared by the Japanese organizational team.
December 6 - 12, 2021
Blood donation week
SWYAA Russia supported the SWYAA Sweden global initiative "Blood donation week". Three of our ex-PY's donated blood during this week and we raised awareness about the issue with our posts on social media reaching 300 people.

The aim of this SWYAA Volunteer initiative is to spread the spirit of solidarity and humanitarianism worldwide by sharing an invaluable commodity that most people can give. If you cannot help donate yourself, you can promote the event and raise awareness of the constant need for donors in your community.

The activity is officially running for a week from the 6th to the 12th of December - a time when the demand for blood is at its peak in many countries - but contributions are obviously welcome all year round.
August 14, 2021
Indigineous minorities day
SWYAA Russia conducted an event connected to the Indigenous Minorities Day: 14 talks on different topics related to Indigenous Minorities culture, languages, and history. During the conference, 14 speakers talked about their languages, cultures, traditions, and challenges. The event took place as a live stream on Youtube.