Here we give more detailed information about the General Assembly in Moscow
31 august - 4 september
President-Hotel in Moscow

President-Hotel is a traditional place for meeting of the state heads and governments, international forums, congresses, conferences, representatives of political organizations, business, culture, arts and sports.

Hotel's advantages

- Central location
- 20 different event halls of different capacity can fit up to 2000 participants
- 208 different categories rooms
- Transfer service
- Free WiFi
- Fitness center
- Great panoramic view on the city's central part


- Muzeon Park and Gorky Park – 200 m
- Christ the Savior Cathedral – 700 m
- Tretyakov Gallery – 1 km
- Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts – 1,5 km
- Red Square – 2,4 km

General info about Russia
Time zone: GMT +3

Language: the official language is Russian, people speak some English in touristic places, hotels and restaurants.

Electricity: the standard voltage in Russia is 220 V. In Russia the power plugs and sockets are of type C (standard "Euro" plug). If you have another type of plug in your country, you will need an adapter. If the standard voltage in your country is in the range of 100 V - 127 V (as is in the US, Canada and most South American countries), you need a voltage converter in Russia. Most phone and laptop chargers are fine with 220V.

Tap water: tap water is usually avoided because it can taste funny unless it is boiled (problem of the old pipes in the city).

Weather: in Moscow the average temperature is +22 Celsius in August and +16 in September. It might rain and can be windy at times. We suggest to bring warm clothes for the colder evenings. Don't forget formal wear for the official opening and other official events!
Check your documents before departure to make sure they are valid for your trip.
You cannot enter Russia twice on a single entry visa. If you plan to enter and leave Russia multiple times in one trip, you will need a multi-entry visa. Make sure your departure date is before your visa expiration date. If you arrive a day or two earlier than the date on your visa, you will experience troubles at the customs. If you notice any irregularities in your visa, please contact your travel specialist.

Tip: Make two copies of your passport and visa before leaving. Keep one copy with you and one with the hotel.
The Russian Rouble is the currency of Russia.
Rouble exchange rates (March 2019)

0,01368 EUR/RUB
0.01547 USD/RUB
1,70085 JPY/RUB
0,02185 AUD/RUB
0,02076 CAD/RUB
0,01171 GBP/RUB
0,05683 AED/RUB

We suggest to use an ATM at the airport in Russia when you arrive as airport exchange rates are high. You can use the ATM at the hotel, in the city or at a bank as well.

Let your bank know that you will be traveling to Russia so that they do not block your cards while you are travelling (sometimes banks do this out of precaution). Bring more than one card if you have it. Carry your money and cards in a pocket that is not easily reached to prevent any pick-pocketing. It's smart to keep your cards and cash in separate pockets.

When estimating how much cash to bring for expenses such as meals and incidentals, a minimum of US$ 50 per day is a good estimation.

Here are some referential costs of daily expenses:
Cup of coffee: 2 $
Bottle of soda / water: 1 $
Sandwich: 4-5 $
Meal at a middle restaurant: 15$
Meal at a fast food restaurant: 7-10$

Check the program to see what is covered. All the meals and activities in the program are covered by the participation fee.
You do not need any vaccinations before you visit Russia – it is a civilized European country that is safe for foreigners. If you are taking prescription medication, we recommend that you bring enough to last your entire trip. To get the same prescription in Russia, you will need a prescription from a Russian doctor, which can be challenging as a foreigner. Check your travel insurance as there is no insurance included in the participation fee.
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