13th GA in Moscow 2019 Feedback
Dear GA participant,
Thank you very much for making unforgettable memories in Moscow from August, 31 to September, 5. We would like to know your feedback as we strive for excellence and also to share the experience with the future organising committees.
Your name
Your SWY batch
If you were NL - check 2 batches.
Where are you from?
How many GAs have you attended?
How would you rate your stay in the President Hotel? Please rate it from 1- It was a disaster to 10 - I loved it!
Are you satisfied with the GA organizers communication with you before, during and after the GA in Moscow?
Which cultural event of the program did you like the most?
Which official event of the program was your favorite?
Which official event of the program was your least favorite?
What is your general impression and feedback about the GA in Moscow?
If you think about the image of Russia you had before your visit, could you say that it has changed after the Global Assembly?
If there was one thing you could have changed about the GA to the better, what would it be?
Did you participate in the Optional Tour after the GA?
What did you like the most during the Optional Tour?
In what way we could have improved your experience during the optional tour?
How did you like the food during the GA and the Optional Tour?
Thank you for the answers! We will be happy about any comments you would like to add here!
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