Application form for the
Global assembly
31 august - 4 september, Moscow
Can't wait to see you!
Are you a JPY or OPY?
JPYs will transfer the payment to IYEO directly.
Your full first name (as in passport)
Your full surname (as in passport)
Invitations for the Russian visa will be issued for the name you provide - fill it as you see it in your passport!
Passport number (passport should be valid for at least 6 months after the planned departure from Russia)
Nationality (as stated in your passport)
Do you need a visa for Russia?
Check it here:
Name for the name tag
SWY batch number
If you were NL - check 2 batches.
If you are not from SWY, who is your referent? (name, batch)
Dietary restrictions
Specification of food restrictions (if you chose other in the questions above)
Other medical information organizers should know
Be sure to get a travel medical insurance for your visit - we do not provide medical insurance.
I would like to stay in one room with... (if applicable)
T-shirt size
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