Date : November 29, 2015

The preparation of our team for the SWY’28 program has begun. All of us eagerly anticipated our first skype-meeting and were very happy when we finally met each other online. Right away we found out that it won’t be easy to build a meeting- schedule, because we live in different time-zones of Russia. SWY28 delegates of our country come from the following cities – Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Orenburg, Mari-El republic, Kazan, Saint-Petersburg, Sochi. However, despite the time-differences, we find time to converse and work on all the projects that must be ready when we arrive in Japan: we have written the script of the National presentation ( we think it will be quite interesting for everyone to watch), have discussed numerous voluntary activities and club activities, have searched and found topics for PY seminars. All of us are preparing small research projects about countries whose youth representatives are part of SWY28. We will present them to each other, so that on the ship we will be better prepared for meeting youths of other cultures.Some of our delegates have met offline and photos of their meeting have been posted at our Facebook group. Soon more photos and information about each of our delegates will also be posted on facebook, so definitely check out our group there!