Date : January 18, 2017

Shapka-ushankas (Russian furry hats) and vodka are probably the most associated with Russia things. Russia is still a place that continues to mystify people. Typically, when one sees Shapka-ushanka hat, one says: «Oh, you have a Russian hat with ears». Shapka ushanka literally translates as “ear-flaps hat”. The  modern Shapka ushanka was called before shapka kolchakovka and it was named after Aleksandr Kolchak, the commander of Russian Navy.

Soon in the world shapka-ushanka became a symbol of Soviet Union and then the symbol of Russia.

It is interesting to know that the ushanka has become a part of the winter uniform for military and police forces in Canada, the United States, it remained a part of the German police uniform in winter and other Western countries with a cold winter.

The ushanka hat in Russia is typically worn by tourists, and less often not by the Russians.

Vodka is other popular stereotype about Russia. The vodka factor in the equation is explained by saying that all people in Russia drink vodka. Kids, grandparents, and adults alike drink vodka. This stereotype is far from true. It can be said that Russia has a problem with alcohol abuse just like  any other country, but not all people drink vodka of course. Nowadays healthy lifestyle is popular among Russians: sports, healthy food and non-alcohol life.

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