Frequently asked questions

During the programme we would like you to socialize a lot, meet old friends, get acquainted with new ones and dive into the SWY spirit again! We want you to have a lot of fun during free time and get you to explore Moscow and Russia. Everything you see on the programme is included in the participation fee: meals, sightseeing tours, social and official events, Gala dinner on the first day and Farewell dinner on the last day.

All events of the programme are obligatory for participation. The schedule is subject to slight changes and the organizing committee leaves themselves the right to change the schedule without the prior notice.

The last application day is 30th of June.


All SWYers who participated in the Ship for World youth are welcome to come! All participants should be over 18 years old. All IYEO members can apply as well. You can bring a friend/partner and you will need to write a cover letter for them.

You can arrive on Saturday, August 31st or earlier. If possible, arrive before 3 p.m. on Saturday to be on time for the icebreaking! If you want to stay longer, you can stay 2 extra nights before and after the event in our hotel for a special SWY discount rate - 6400 rouble/night/double room or 5000 rouble/night/single room.

Check in is possible from 14:00 on Saturday, August 31st.
Check out is till 12:00 on Thursday, September 5th.

All meals you see mentioned in the programme are included in the fee. If the meal is not mentioned in the program, you will be able to pick your own place to eat out of many Moscow's cafes and restaurants.

Before the Global Assembly you will get a PDF guide with all the information. For some events there will be a formal dress code. Also our weather dictates certain dress code - the temperature is around +20 C, but it can be chilly around +10 in the evening.

Yes. Non-swyers can attend if they have a cover letter from a swyer and travel together. During the application you are able to check the box "non-swyer" and name the person who will write you a cover letter (from SWYers)

The transfers are available on the arrival day and departure day for 24 hours a day. These transfers are included in the fee. We will organize transfers in groups at certain time intervals so that you will go in a group of fellow SWYers. All transfers between events during the program are included.

If you arrive earlier or depart later, you can use Aeroexpress train to get to the center of Moscow, it will take you 30 - 45 minutes and not more than 10$. We will send you instructions about that in the information folder.
After we receive and revise your application, we will send you the link for payment. You have 10 days after you receive the link to complete the payment. If the payment is not completed in 10 days, your application expires and if you still wish to take part in GA, you will need to contact us directly and ask for the new payment link.

The fee is 650 US dollar.

The last application day is 30th of June.

Refund policy:
50% before June 30th
0% from June 30th
You will stay in a 4* President-hotel.

President-Hotel is a traditional place for official meetings at the highest level, international forums, congresses, conferences and other events. It is centrally located, has great views from the rooms and nice interiors. There is a fitness center, sauna and a swimming pool for the guests. Every morning we will enjoy breakfast buffet in the hotel. You can find more information about the hotel here:
Citizens of most countries need a visa to enter Russia as a tourist. We will make the invitation for you and you will need to get the visa by yourself - go to the Russian embassy or a visa center in your city and apply for a HUMANITARIAN visa. The visa costs are paid by the participant, we will only provide you with the official invitation (actually it's a code, retrieving the invitation in an embassy).

You can find more information here, but be sure to double check it:
Optional tours
We offer you three options for your travel after the Global Assembly:

★ Follow the Transsibirian line with the RuSWY train! (5 - 21 september)
About 10.000 kilometers from Moscow to Vladivostok. This is a unique experience and an opportunity to revive the Ship atmosphere again, travel with new friends and explore the real Russia. You will remember this trip for life and you will be able to say that you have seen Russia (not just the big cities). You can find more information here: (page will be added shortly). This tour will find place if there are the minimum of 30 participants (passengers for one train car, because we will rent our own train car).

9 nights in the hotels, 7 nights in the train.
All meals included. Sightseeing and a special tour to the Baikal lake is included.
The participation fee is 3200 US Dollars.

★ Visit Kazan, a melting pot of different cultures (5 - 8 September)
You will start with the participants of the RuSWY train and have three days to find out more about Kazan and enjoy the ancient city with its beautiful old buildings, churches and a marvellous mosque. This city is home to the Tatar people and is a pearl to be visited!

2 nights/3 days in a 3* hotel (double rooms)
The fee is $380

★ Saint Petersburg, Venice of the North (5 - 8 September)
Your third option is to visit Saint Petersburg, the second biggest city which used to be the capital for two centuries and home for the Royal family. Full of majestic palaces, modern art spaces, exquisite art nouveau buildings this city is a must-see indeed.

3 nights/4 days in a 4* hotel (double rooms)
The fee is $380

Find out more here:

General info about Russia
Time zone: GMT +3

★ Language: the official language is Russian, people speak some English in touristic places, hotels and restaurants.

★ Electricity: the standard voltage in Russia is 220 V and most phone and laptop chargers are fine with 220V. In Russia the power plugs and sockets are of type C (standard "Euro" plug). If you have another type of plug in your country, you will need an adapter.

★ Tap water: tap water is usually avoided because it can taste funny unless it is boiled (problem of the old pipes in the city, not the purity of the water).

★ Weather: in Moscow the average temperature in August and September is between +10 at night and +22 during the day. It might rain and can be windy at times. We suggest to bring warm clothes for the colder evenings. Don't forget formal wear for the official opening and other official events!

★ You do not need any vaccinations before you visit Russia. If you are taking prescription medication, we recommend that you bring enough to last your entire trip. To get the same prescription in Russia, you will need a prescription from a Russian doctor, which can be challenging for a foreigner due to the language barriers. Check your travel insurance as there is no insurance included in the participation fee., Profsoyuznaya Street, 90, Moscow, Russia 117485, INN 7728467883, PSRN 1197700005282, Public Offer