You may have any background to take one of the offered challenges during the RUSWY train and make your unique impact on solving the case. Your creative skills in photography, music or video etc. might be used to deliver the vision of the solution. We encourage you to take any of the challenges and to be as open-minded as possible. Each challenge will be assigned to one team of 7 participants.

1. How to foster entrepreneurship development as a mechanism
for growth?

In Europe, the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan has identified entrepreneurship as one of the eight key competencies that every young person should have. Despite the numerous initiatives on entrepreneurship launched and implemented recently, there is still huge potential in the development of entrepreneurship. Creating new businesses is the key to dynamic growth. What is it that we need  to see a perspective of allowing our small businesses to prosper beyond the borders?

Taking this challenge you will look for opportunities and perspectives of entrepreneurship development. You will also have a chance to outline future projects in cooperation with your teammates.

2. Cultural patchwork – what are the key ingredients of a smooth and tolerant blend?

Most of the countries are multinational and many conflicts arise because of their interests, beliefs and culture clashes.

Russia is a unique multi-and cross-cultural society which represents a high level of understanding and tolerance within the representatives of more than 100 nationalities and 180 languages within the nation. There are literally no historical descendants of Russian tribes (for there was no such tribe within the Slavic society) but each and every one of them is 100% Russian no matter of what religion, skin-color or background he is.

Taking this challenge you will find out what is the secret of different nations living in love and peace and what could be done for reaching that.

3. How to develop volunteering as the way of social impact

Though Russia is the heir of the Soviet Union with its huge and world-famous pioneer organization, nowadays we have a very weak and very accidental volunteering activity within the country. There are no all-action projects and systems of life support for such work. There is no net of hosting organizations as well as no understanding or value of this work within the community. Much has to be done therefore. We strongly believe that sharing international experience and supporting each other will facilitate the development of volunteering.

Taking this challenge you will work on planning volunteering projects with a positive social impact.

4. How to increase environment care awareness?

It is crucial to save the nature for future generations as well as for our own sake. Many of the dangers to the environment come from practices designed to make human life easier but actually threaten the long-term health and prosperity of humans. It goes without saying that the major responsibility lays on the government, as stricter ecological requirements regarding the industry, farming, water consumption, mining, etc. must be reinforced by the State law. But Russians themselves are not educated to efficiently recycle compost, conserve/save energy and water in a household, use alternative power sources and so on. There are volunteer organizations that raise these questions on various levels of society, however they are still not strong enough to attract massive attention to these issues.

Taking this challenge, you will figure out whether it is possible to develop and implement a social project or an awareness program that can help to nurture environmental values in young minds at home and at school.

5. How to develop ecotourism?

Russia is known for it’s beautiful nature: lakes, forests, mountains. We have many national parks, biosphere reserves and other specially protected natural areas. Little about them is known not only abroad, but in Russia as well. Eco-tourism is still not very popular. Partially that is due to the low level of interaction between the administrations of the specially protected park areas and professionals in various fields (such as social media marketing specialists, web designers, volunteer organizations, etc.) Popularization and development of ecotourism can lead to growth of regional economies and more sustainable usage of natural areas. Also it will give a wider picture of what Russia is to be cherished for.

Taking this challenge you will figure out why ecotourism is important in the modern world and how you can learn to cherish the nature of the whole planet while admiring it in a specific country.