SWYAA Russia (Ship for World Youth Alumni Association in Russia) is a non-profit association developed by Russian ex-participants of the Ship for World Youth Program.

SWYAA Russia mission is to promote mutual understanding and friendship between Russian and foreign youths as well as to cultivate the spirit of international cooperation and the competence to practice it.

SWYAA Russia goals

  • Facilitating network between members of SWY Russia, development and practice of skills and knowledge gained in SWY program;
  • Consulting, providing information and hands-on assistance to future participants of SWY program;
  • Development of network and collaboration between SWY Russia with ex-participants of SWY program of other countries,  Japanese Embassy in Russia and IYEO (International Youth Exchange Organization)
  • Organization and development of projects and events with positive impact on society in Russia and international level;
  • Representation of Russia in events and projects, organized within framework of SWY program.