Date : April 10, 2017


Novosibirsk is one of the biggest cities in Russia and the largest one behind the Ural. This city is the main Siberian transportation hub and the capital of Siberian Federal District. It’s situated right in the middle of Russia and lies along the Ob River.


There had been several settlements on the territory of the modern city by the time Novo-Nikolayevsk (that was the first name of Novosibirsk after the name of Nikolay, Emperor) was founded in February 1893. The first 2000 railway builders arrived and in the beginning it was supposed to build a small settlement just for the time of the creations of Trans-Siberian Railroad but with time it became important to connect Siberia and Altay as well. As a result Novo-Nikolayevsk started to be developed very fast. Novo-Nikolayevsk was planned to be an Altay Province. Just imagine: from 1909 to 1912 12 (!) schools with a sewerage system and a steam-heating were built!

During the WW I Novo-Nikolayevsk wasn’t that destroyed as it was quite far from the main battles although it was one of the main centres that supplied the Army with military equipment and provisions. The Revolution influenced the life of the locals and people kept rebelling against the Soviet Party till 1920.
In 1926 Novo-Nikolayevsk was called Novosibirsk.

During the WW II Novosibirsk was a very important location and by the end of the War its industrial manufacture and population had grown 8 times! More than 50 factories from all over Russia had been evacuated there, even some theatres! 26 hospitals were built there during that time.


First of all Novosibirsk is well known for its academic institutions and universities that’s why ‘The Guinness Book of World Records’ registered the prospect named after the academician Lavrentev located in Akademgorodok as the cleverest street of the world: for 2,4 km there are 15 universities, 43 institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and over 100 other research institutions of nearly all research branches. What is interesting about Akademgorodok (a place where a lot of academic institutions are located) that’s its information data security and technical equipment can be compared with Pentagon!

Then that’s fascinating that it took the city only 70 years to increase its population to 1 million (Compare to Chicago that took 85 years, New York – 250, Moscow – 700, Kiev –900).
Furthermore The State Opera and Ballet Theater (known as the Siberian Coliseum) in Novosibirsk is the biggest in Russia and the second biggest in the whole world!
After that that’s Novosibirsk where there is one of the biggest libraries in the world! There are more than 14 000 thousand books!
I guess you are not surprised but Novosibirsk is situated on the Ob River that is the biggest in Russia. Wanna see?
Moreover there is the world’s longest metro-bridge – 2,15 km!

And did you know that famous Wolf Messing lived in Novosibirsk in 1943-1944?

And what about the sightseeing you will ask?


1) Academgorodok for sure;
2) Lenin Square – the statue of Lenin is one of the largest Lenin statues in Russia;
3) The Railway Bridge Monument
4) The Novosibirsk Zoo – there you can see a unique animal called a liger, the rare offspring of a tiger and a lion;
5) Central Market – where you can taste food from Taiga;
6) Monument of Glory – devoted to the battles during the Great Patriotic War;
7) The Ob Sea – is now one of the biggest artificial lakes in Russia;
8) The Siberian Birch Bark Museum – there is a unique collection of items made from birth bark. You will be able to get closer to the characters, spirits and ghosts from Russian fairy-tales and myths;
9) Central Siberian Geological Museum;
10) The museum of Sun – which is a unique museum!

Welcome to this amazing place and get closer to the unique things there are!